Saturday, 9 November 2013

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Parts & Dust

After pulling out what seems like a rolling chasis, came the search for parts !
980cc Engine (not 1098cc)
Your guess is as good as mine at this stage ?
What a mess.
Where to begin ?
Is that door up to much ?
another left hand door
Someones changed the dash over the years !
Fold back top has seen better days too !
Nice looking Ivory white Ampmeter . . . . 
Original horn press..

Rib Cage 4 speed box with drive shaft !

Digging Out The Austin Healy Sprite Mk 3 (1966)

After wanting to restore a car for a while but never really got round to it  remeberd that my father in law had bought an Austin Healey years ago from a nephew of his, with the idea that he wanted to restore it one day.
I took this opportunity to ask if I may see it and if he would be interested in selling it to me ?
Before I knew it me and the kids the wife and the parents in law, were grabbling through loads of junk in a self made shed/barn looking for a Sprite.

In no time at all the twins had found what the Dutch would call a Suske & Wiske car "Vitameintje"

What a load of Dust, believe it or not their is new outer sills there somewhere !

Spot the tyrap !

cylinder head had seen better days.

Already found some enthusiastic drivers !

Rolling chasis ??? just. . . .


When I was young (about 4yr old) my favourite uncle; -) used to take me to the coast at Whitley Bay Newcastle, In his white Mg Midget.
Those times I will never forget !
He would put down the roof and I would jump behind the two seats and hang out the back of the little car like it was a sofa in the living room.
Before police had helicopters and high performance cars.
Pedal to the metal and before you knew it we were approaching 100mph down the coast road to whitleybay and the infamous Spanish City !
This is where my hobby originated.  . . 1978 approx.

Spanish City Whitley Bay